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427 Groco FW pump 427 Vacuflush hoses to vacuum generator 427 Verticle tank hoses 427BilgeI am looking at an engine room in a 1999 GB 42! She has been very good to her owner in that he has gotten 17 years use from the first set of Vacuflush hoses! The secrets for this type of longevity I am not addressing here today! It is rather the techniques for recognizing when to change hoses, how to minimize the labor cost and understanding why there is an odor in the boat. Here are some common causes. They often are not what we may think! 1. Bilge blowers not working properly 2. Hoses not protected by periodic cleaning, turning yellow as a consequence 3. Ineffective holding tank vent system; lack of charcoal filters, vent line not running uphill and air conditioning system pulling stale air from around the holding tank Next chapter will be how to fix it!!

Launching Prep

Carlos is sanding Eastbay 49 bottom using a vacuum system to collect the exhausted cuprous oxide. We belong to the Dennis Conner school of boat prep IMG_6839Here Pat is installing new wiper arms and blades in Eastbay 49. IMG_6838The prop requires great care as small imperfections from sloppy paint waste the horsepower, and yes that is a zinc in the center of this picture. IMG_6825On this boat, only the tube to prop width of a few sheets of paper is efficient.IMG_6821Here the GrandBanks 42 Safari is lifted by a 70 ton marine travelift after riding out of the building on a 65 ton Brunell Trailer IMG_6810 IMG_6816  

Opening Farewell

 2016-03-14%2017Today is my last day of work before retirement. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciated all the viewers who came on a regular basis to view even on days when it was not all that interesting. It has always been the highlight of my day putting this together. Some days other projects got in the way or my mood just wasn't right to do a good job with it but somehow I have persevered for many years. I hope they find someone else to do this because it is a worthy endeavor and to tell the truth we have picked up a lot of customers just from having this up. But it is time for me to start a new chapter in my life. If you ever wonder what I may be up to, visit my personal site at since i'll probably be posting a whole lot more now. Alan So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Fixing a Hole

Damp and chilly today but by Wednesday it will be 70 and sunny. It seems to me there is a significant event on that day -- maybe it will come to me later. 03141Kevin will be on a gelcoat project all week - fixing small holes, cracks and the like . I have to admit the music was much better out there then on the polishing job above. And that's important! 03142