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From the bottom up

If your boat has been painted too many times you will find that the paint is building up to the point of no return. With too many coats the layer closest to the hull will eventually lose its bond due to the age of the paint and the sheer weight of the paint covering it. We have tried chasing these areas as they pop up and ended up with patchwork bottoms. There is an alternative however. Continue reading

Are you ready for the season?

Spring commissioningIn the winter, we decommission vessels. During that process many things happen that keep the boat from freezing, many of which leave the boat in an “unready” state for use. When spring rolls around we go back and commission systems to put things back in the ready state. Some people do not understand the implications or processes involved with commissioning vessels. When the warmer weather comes, I pull my lawnmower out, prime it a bit and pull the cord. A boat is not that simple. Continue reading