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Custom Boat Work

Custom Albin 28
At one time we were the Chesapeake Area Albin dealers because we thought the boat was a good little bay boat. However, the Albin 28 was perceived as a fishing boat by most people. We do like fish, but our clients were more of the pleasure boat ilk. We decided to sell this boat in our area that we could start with a basic Albin 28 and enhance it to compete with more expensive boats. Continue reading

Eastbay Helmdeck Door

Eastbay Helm Area Door

If you have an Eastbay and cruise with small children, you may wish to have a permanent door on the helmdeck area. You also may want to close off the area for other reasons, but whatever the reason, this does not seem to be an option on that boat. When an owner approached us about fabricating one, you can guess we were on board with that.

Continue reading