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Eastbay Fuel Burn

This information got lost on the site somehow so I have moved it here where it can be easily found.


The report regarding fuel consumption for 38′ Eastbay “Another Way to Look at Fuel Cost” recently posted on the OYA web-site prompted the beginning of a useful and interesting e-mail dialog that will become the basis of a forum for any and all to add their comments and views: Continue reading

The Best Improvements for your boat

A while back we hosted the Grand Banks Discussion Board on our site, which was very popular. One particular thread (back in 2001) caught my attention and I had the fore site to save it. This was a thread with board users offering their ideas of the best improvements they have made on their boats. I would like to share this with you at this time. We would comments with additions to the list. Continue reading

Added Service

Pick up boatWe realize that with the cost of boating increasing, as is everything else, everyone needs to economize where necessary. If you have being paying high service invoices where labor is in higher demand, you will appreciate our new pick up and delivery service.  Of course, as with all services, there are certain caveats associated with this service. Contact us at 410-822-8556 for details.Подаръци

Are you ready for the season?

Spring commissioningIn the winter, we decommission vessels. During that process many things happen that keep the boat from freezing, many of which leave the boat in an “unready” state for use. When spring rolls around we go back and commission systems to put things back in the ready state. Some people do not understand the implications or processes involved with commissioning vessels. When the warmer weather comes, I pull my lawnmower out, prime it a bit and pull the cord. A boat is not that simple. Continue reading