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Engine Room Makeover

fp6.jpgOne can only imagine the nightmare of the first time a do-it-yourselfer tackles a Grand Banks engine room. This usually leads to a “re-renovation” by a service yard. We were lucky enough (unlucky enough) to take on such a job. This was a case where a “mechanic” quoted on a tank job and got one tank sort of done and either ran out of time or funds to finish the job. Nor did he seem to have the capacity to do an adequate job. Continue reading

The Power of the Propeller

Article on boat propellersThe prop, in conjunction with your engine, is the muscle of your boat. It is amazing the amount of difference there is when a prop is conditioned properly. The prop is tuned for a combination of your hull, your engine and the displacement of the boat. In addition to the proper pitch, there must be enough blade area to move the boat at the intended speed. Continue reading

Engine Makeover

02146We see a lot of engines which are in need of a make-over (I mean a lot). How do you know when you need a make-over? When a potential buyer sees an engine with rust or corrosion, it is a sign that the boat has not been maintained properly. Since engine work can cost a lot of money, it is a definite deterrent to a potential buyer. Continue reading