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Grand Banks Maintenance Reduction

teak2First in a series of articles on upgrading your older Grand Banks to a more maintenance-friendly vessel. We will be covering lots of creative ways to achieve this goal. This article focuses on teak rails and how to spend more time boating and less time varnishing. Come back later to see how we can convert your current teak rails to stainless. Continue reading

From the bottom up

If your boat has been painted too many times you will find that the paint is building up to the point of no return. With too many coats the layer closest to the hull will eventually lose its bond due to the age of the paint and the sheer weight of the paint covering it. We have tried chasing these areas as they pop up and ended up with patchwork bottoms. There is an alternative however. Continue reading

Marine Finish

Alexseal Paint JObWhen your gelcoat finally gives up the ship, it is time to revive the finish. The best way to accomplish this is with Awlgrip or Alexseal marine paints – which is the marine industry standard for refinishing work. We have been turning out hull and superstructure paint jobs for years and the boats finished with it are still looking good today. Also by applying a painted finish, you can choose a wider variety of colors and paint schemes to satisfy your own taste. Continue reading

Engine Makeover

02146We see a lot of engines which are in need of a make-over (I mean a lot). How do you know when you need a make-over? When a potential buyer sees an engine with rust or corrosion, it is a sign that the boat has not been maintained properly. Since engine work can cost a lot of money, it is a definite deterrent to a potential buyer. Continue reading

First Appearances

The first impression anyone has of a boat is the exterior cosmetics. There are many reasons for purchasing a boat – one being the beautiful lines. From a distance almost all boats are beautiful. As you begin to approach the boat you notice the difference between a well-maintained boat and an average or neglected boat. What should you look at when judging the cosmetics on a boat? Continue reading