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Grand Banks 42 Renovation

IMG_5179We had a customer come in cold just from reading he blog where he determined we could do all the things he needed to upgrade his Grand Banks 42 to the condition that it should be in. There were various cosmetic defects with the boat — all common to the Grand Banks of that era. Deteriorated teak decks, bad window tracks, spent gelcoat and varnish all added up to a boat that was in need of a bit of help. Continue reading

Engine Room Makeover

fp6.jpgOne can only imagine the nightmare of the first time a do-it-yourselfer tackles a Grand Banks engine room. This usually leads to a “re-renovation” by a service yard. We were lucky enough (unlucky enough) to take on such a job. This was a case where a “mechanic” quoted on a tank job and got one tank sort of done and either ran out of time or funds to finish the job. Nor did he seem to have the capacity to do an adequate job. Continue reading

Upgrading Your Electronics

Electronics change all the time and some people upgrade frequently. Or maybe you just bought a boat that had older electronics on it and you want something a bit more modern. The basic nature of electronics is that they are more compact than their predecessors in many cases which means you are putting a small item into a big hole which causes a problem. We have dealt with this many times and have approached it differently depending on what the client wants and what would work best in each case. Continue reading

Before the Mast

If you have a mast on your trawler or powerboat, it will eventually need either repairing or at least painting. The nature of paint on aluminum in a marine environment dictates this. It can be delayed by judicious care – such as touching up scratches as they occur or taking care of corrosion at fittings.  Continue reading