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Grand Banks 42 Renovation

IMG_5179We had a customer come in cold just from reading he blog where he determined we could do all the things he needed to upgrade his Grand Banks 42 to the condition that it should be in. There were various cosmetic defects with the boat — all common to the Grand Banks of that era. Deteriorated teak decks, bad window tracks, spent gelcoat and varnish all added up to a boat that was in need of a bit of help. Continue reading

Eastbay Helmdeck Door

Eastbay Helm Area Door

If you have an Eastbay and cruise with small children, you may wish to have a permanent door on the helmdeck area. You also may want to close off the area for other reasons, but whatever the reason, this does not seem to be an option on that boat. When an owner approached us about fabricating one, you can guess we were on board with that.

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