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Grand Banks Maintenance Reduction

teak2First in a series of articles on upgrading your older Grand Banks to a more maintenance-friendly vessel. We will be covering lots of creative ways to achieve this goal. This article focuses on teak rails and how to spend more time boating and less time varnishing. Come back later to see how we can convert your current teak rails to stainless. Continue reading

Upgrading Your Electronics

Electronics change all the time and some people upgrade frequently. Or maybe you just bought a boat that had older electronics on it and you want something a bit more modern. The basic nature of electronics is that they are more compact than their predecessors in many cases which means you are putting a small item into a big hole which causes a problem. We have dealt with this many times and have approached it differently depending on what the client wants and what would work best in each case. Continue reading

Custom Boat Work

Custom Albin 28
At one time we were the Chesapeake Area Albin dealers because we thought the boat was a good little bay boat. However, the Albin 28 was perceived as a fishing boat by most people. We do like fish, but our clients were more of the pleasure boat ilk. We decided to sell this boat in our area that we could start with a basic Albin 28 and enhance it to compete with more expensive boats. Continue reading