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Pre-survey inspections

Bad keel found at surveyIf you are planning on selling your boat, it is advantageous to know what the potential buyer’s surveyor will find when he inspects your boat. A short list is what you are looking for. If he finds too much wrong, the buyer’s initial reaction is to just walk away. We know what surveyors look for and can correct problems before the boat goes to survey. Continue reading

Making an offer on a boat

fp_peddler.jpgOnce you’ve inspected and chosen a boat, decide on what you’re willing to offer based on what you have seen, and whatever adjustments are justified based on condition, equipment, etc. This may be a decision based on several factors including current market value, suggestions from your broker, the length of time the boat has been on the market, etc. Most importantly, what you are willing to pay or more important, what can you afford to pay?

Continue reading

Choosing a Boat

There are two reasons why boaters buy the wrong boat. The first reason is that they haven’t actually determined what they plan to do with their boat and based their purchase decision on those plans. The second reason is that emotions instead of reason get involved in the buying decision and sales people are well trained and not bashful about selling to emotions that have been aroused. Continue reading