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Replacing Exhaust Hose in a Grand Banks

Bad Exhaust Hose
You can see how the wire in the hose has begun to rust and the rubber has deteriorated.

Like most items in a boat, the exhaust hose has a limited life span - determined primarily by the hours in use and the temperatures that the engine has been run at. Higher temperatures or running the engine dry until it overheats will drastically shorten the lifespan of your hose (not to mention the lifespan of the engine.

We use high quality exhaust hose, fiberglass exhaust hose bends and high quality T-Bolt hose clamps (below, left) to ensure the longevity of our exhaust hose replacement.

The time varies from job to job on exhaust hose replacement time. In the photo below you can see that this exhaust muffler is installed behind a bulkhead with no access. We then need to cut a hole in the bulkhead and create a new door or panel to fit over the hole after replacement. This adds a lot of time to a job.

See exhaust hose replacement details in our service log.

The right stuff Accessing hard to get to muffler

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