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Caterpillar Marine Engine Repairs

Caterpillar Marine Engine Repairs

Caterpillar Marine Engine Repairs Catepillar Engine Work

We are an authorized repair center for Caterpillar Marine Engines. Our Caterpillar repair technicians are constantly learning new skills and attending factory training classes to ensure you the best repairs and maintenance for your Caterpillar Marine engine.

Caterpillar's mechanically controlled engines are known for performance and reliability. Now Cat provides advanced electronically controlled engines as well. The Electronic Control Module (ECM) monitors and adjusts the engine for optimum performance. The ECM controls fuel delivery for fast starts, better acceleration response and fuel efficiency, giving you a performance advantage and reduced fuel costs. The electronic components in all Cat marine engines are specifically designed and tested to operate in harsh marine environments.

Ready to re-power or upgrade? We can install new fuel-efficient Cat marine engines to boats with older engines. Everyone would appreciate the reliability of a Cat engine plus the extensive network of authorize Cat dealers for parts and service where ever you cruise.

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