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Pilot 19 on Trailer

Introducing the Pilot 19 from Holby Marine. Nineteen feet of pure mastery. The sleek look of a classic and the intelligence to go with it. The Pilot's design, technology and materials they're all right on the edge of today. But the dedication to uncompromising craftsmanship? It's as old as the boat-building tradition itself, being kept alive and well in Bristol, Rhode Island by Holby Marine.

The Pilot's designer, Mark Ellis, is one of boating's most creative and respected forces. His love affair with yacht design has spanned 40 years, beginning back in 1965 with stints at some of the foremost design firms of the day. Ten years later, in 1975, Mark Ellis design was formed. The rest, as they say, has helped to write an award-winning, trend-shaping history. From stunning custom yachts to Canadian Coast Guard powerboats to the beautiful Pilot 19, Mark Ellis Design sets standards.

Be assured that your Pilot 19 will be built to uncommonly rigid priciples. From first consultation to final chamois buff, Holby Marine's allegiance to customer satisfaction extends far beyond each sale. Our many long-term customer relationships underline the pride we take in upholding the standards of our craft.

Available in two model configurations:

Runabout with WindshieldCenter Console Sport Boat

Principal Dimensions*

LOA 19' 3"
DWL 17' 3"
BEAM 7' 5"
DRAFT 1' 0"
DSPL 2,700 lbs.
 * Subject to change without prior notice or obligation.

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