Boat Storage

Boat Storage


Extreme Weather Central

For years, customers have been using our protected harbor and dry dock facilities when the threat of hurricane is imminent. Hurricane Florence is going to hit the North Carolina coast with devastating winds and storm surge. Some of the effects could easily reach into the Chesapeake Bay. Marina and Boat damage is expected to be high. Dickerson Harbor offers a safe haven for your boat and offers a full range of insurance repair capability for Grand Banks, Eastbay, and other quality cruising yachts.

View pictures of our facility during Hurricane Isabel of 2003. Give us a call to find out more about our hurricane protection. You may also download the BOATUS guide to hurricane preparation.

Dickerson Harbor Boatyard is a desirable winter home for any discriminating boat owner who is seeking the protection indoor boat storage affords. With inside yacht storage capacity of over 50 boats and acres of outside boat storage area, we are able to accommodate a multitude of new and returning clients each year. Dickerson Harbor is also a proven hurricane and storm safe harbor and each year we help our customers protect their yachts when the need arises.

Each year we further develop those capabilities needed to meet the standards our customer’s boats represent. We service modern yacht engines, generators, water systems, air conditioners, etc. For example, we have on-staff Cat trained mechanics and Our Facilityknowledgeable personnel with over 100 years of accumulated experience in the servicing, operation, installation, maintenance, diagnostics, warranty administration and re-warranty procedures under Cat’s new programs. We can also revive old gelcoat by compounding and polishing, gelcoat repairs and Awlgrip paint application.

Can we haul your boat?   We can handle a beam up to 21′. To the right you can see John measuring the draft on this boat — which measures in with a draft of 8’2″. Be sure to come in at high tide though!


Retain Value, reduce maintenance

Retain value, reduce maintenance with our indoor boat storage.
Boat Storage

New! Storage for boats on trailers with access to boat ramp. See details here.See our recommended maintenance section for tasks which will need attention during lay up.

What Makes Our Storage Facility Work For You?

  • Central Coastal Location, easy road and air access
  • Storm Safe
  • Sun and rain protection
  • Expert services
  • Your boat can be kept cruise ready and lower cost
  • Pick up and delivery available
  • Acres of Outdoor Boat Storage
  • No Mast Pulling Requirements
  • Serving Clients in the New Jersey and Connecticut areas as well
  • Heated Building Available now!
  • Full Service Facility
  • Brokerage services available

Is your boat ready to sell?
Mechanical service, advanced fiberglass maintenance and top notch cosmetic work make the covered storage protections from sun and weather strong assets in achieving sales of boats offered by Oxford Yacht Agency. Recently a Grand Banks 46 owner from South Florida called asking about the market for his Grand Banks 46 Europa, a late model beauty seen in several Ft. Lauderdale boat shows. We proposed that he store the boat under cover upon arrival, consider good fiberglass polishing, some varnish and paint, engine details and periodic cleaning as time elapsed. This Grand Banks 46 Europa had some stiff competition in New England and Florida. The other Grand Banks Europa 46’s had this quality or that quality differently, some had dramatically less engine hours but none had the nearly perfect condition. Mostly they had bleached out fiberglass, flat varnish, as well as paint, caulk and deck defects. None were perfectly serviced and ready to go. Guess which boat was sold first? Read Why Your Boat Isn’t Selling in our service log or visit our Yacht Service department.

Notice to Our Customers

Dickerson will leave the new heads open 24/7 for the winter, heated. Access is by combination so contact us if you have not gotten that from us.

With lots of empty wall space we are looking for Dickerson memorabilia and nice framed photos. Should you need to disencumber please let us know. It would be nice to commemorate the long history of our facility!