Why List With OYA?

Why Have OYA List Your Grand Banks or Eastbay Yacht for Sale

Oxford Yacht Agency has been selling boats for over 30 years. We know the boats, especially Grand Banks Yachts and Eastbays. If you are looking for a broker to help you sell your boat, there are many reasons why you should consider Oxford Yacht Agency for your brokerage needs.

  • We know the boats and related systems – we can help you determine the value and target repairs that will be needed to maximize your chances of a quicker sale.
  • We have a boat repair and service facility – we can help maintain your boat while you are waiting for a contract, ensuring your boat is always in optimal viewing condition. We can also implement needed survey repairs to expedite the sale of your boat.
  • We have indoor storage facilities – while in winter storage in our facility, your boat is protected from the elements and available for showing in inclement weather.
  • We have a Proven Sales Record with used Grand Banks and Eastbay Yachts.
  • We have Dockage Allowances for our brokerage boats. Speak with our sales department for details.
  • Your Boat is kept clean for maximum “showability” at all times.
  • During optimal selling season, your boat is kept at our Oxford Facility for best visibility.

Give our sales department a call at 410-226-5454 (or email sales@oya.com) to find how we can help you sell your boat faster with a hassle-free experience!

Not Everything You Need?

No boat will have exactly what you want. Our service department can add and upgrade equipment to make your new purchase pefect for your dream boat.

Boat still for sale?

We often see boats that have been on the market for far too long. There could be multiple reasons for this—the owner may be asking too much, the boat has problems, the boat has no exposure or maybe the owner has chosen the wrong brokerage company to represent him. Our job is to sell your boat and it is a task we take seriously. Read Full Story in The Dickerson Service Log