Typical Grand Banks Repairs

All boats have predicted repairs that need to be made and it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Since we have been dealing with Grand Banks so long, we know which things are going to fail at some point. Also, we can determine which items are likely to fail on survey when your Grand Banks is for sale.

Grand Banks Lazarette Hatches

grand banks hatch repair

The lazarette hatches on Grand Banks are subject to water penetration. We see it all the time. We have developed ways to draw the moisture out and reseal but we recommend building new hatches.


Grand Banks Swim Platforms

GB Swim platform

We see damaged swim platforms on Grand Banks a lot. We can repair minor damage but recommend replacement for major damage. Our replacements are much better made and sturdier than OEM.


Grand Banks Mast Painting

Grand Banks Mast Painting

All painted aluminum will eventually corrode. Masts and booms are especially prone since they have holes bored for electronics and brackets that allow water to penetrate. We paint lots of masts every year.

 Grand Banks Deck Repairs and Removal

IMG_4981-1200Teak decks are nice when they look good and function like they are intended but like all other parts of your boat they require maintenance and once they have gone too far will need to be removed.  See Teak Deck Repairs or Removal in our Service Log.


Other Expected Grand Banks Repairs

Rusted Engine Mount

Rusted Engine Mount

Suggested Grand Banks upgrades

Custom Grand Banks Enhancements

The above repairs and enhancements can be performed on any boat. Call us with your particulars at 410-822-8556 or email us at dickerson@oya.com

Consultation Services

If you can’t get your boat to us, you can still take advantage of our expertise. See our consultation section.