If you have a boat to list or are looking for a high quality brokerage trawler or long range cruiser, give us a call at 410-822-8556 to discuss your needs.

About Our Company Some people are confused about the relationship between Oxford Yacht Agency and Dickerson Harbor. We have two divisions — Oxford Yacht Agency is our boat sales division which operates out of Oxford and Dickerson Harbor is our service and repair and boat storage facility which is located in Trappe on La Trappe Creek. Both facilities have slips for rent and can answer questions about our various operations. Our boats for sale may be located in either location, so be sure to ask which marina the boat you are interested in is located.

 From our Sales Department

We have recently listed two Eastbay 43’s which we consider to be two of the finest on the market – but you can make that determination for yourself! See our Brokerage Listings.

1999 Grand Banks 46 with custom hardtop: This boat is turn key with plenty of amenities. Truly unique with a custom hardtop we installed 2 years ago. See more about Seaquel.

1986 Grand Banks 42 Classic: If you want a new Grand Banks 42 but your wallet says “used”, we have a very nice 1986 Grand Banks 42 Classic with all new varnish and many recent upgrades! See the listing here.

Thinking of Selling? … We have seen an unexpected resurgence of the boat sales market and are looking for quality boats for our brokerage department to offer to potential buyers. If you think your boat could meet the requirements of a discriminating buyer, contact us. If you feel your boat has not been selling due to cosmetic or mechanical reasons, we can help with that also in our service department.

New Brokerage Buyer? … Send us a copy of your survey and we can give you estimates on correcting deficiencies and prioritize repairs. We can also help upgrade the boat to the boat of your dreams! If this is your first Grand Banks, we can help even if we don’t have a boat listed that you like. See our consultation services section or use our brokerage contact form to tell us what you need.

If Downeast boats are your cup of tea, see our selection of Downeast boats and read more about Downeast boats. Or if Express Cruisers are more to your liking, see our Express Cruisers section. And of course, you can always depend on us for all of your trawler needs!

From our Service Department


Big Boat Service

Our service yard is capable of taking care of big boat service and customization. Recent project was a custom hard top on a Burger 85.

Send Us Your Survey

We can help you prioritize and implement needed repairs — whether it be for a boat your just purchased, an insurance survey or a boat you need to sell. We always recommend having a boat for sale surveyed to eliminate surprises when a buyer has his survey done. We also do pre-survey inspections.

More Features
We have been adding more information to our Service Log section which includes maintenance tips, information about products, tips on buying and selling boats and other helpful facts. The newest article is on repairing rot in the cabinsides of an Eastbay 38. Check it out. The Dickerson Yard Blog is very popular and shows a bit of the daily workings of our yacht service department (and sometimes a bit of acerbic commentary from our web guy). Updated (almost) daily! The address has changed so be sure to change your bookmarks.

Although we are well known for our knowledge of Grand Banks products, we are also very knowledgeable about Legacy, Hinckley, MJM, Albin and other picnic boats . If you are looking for service or upgrades to your picnic boat, give us a call. We also perform a lot of outboard maintenance and repairs.

We have added new pages in the boat service section on typical Grand Banks and Eastbay Repairs and typical Hinckley repairs and maintenance. If you are shopping for a used Grand Banks or Hinckley, this may be of interest to you. If you already own a GB or Hinckley or any other picnic boat, you probably know what we are talking about.

Site Map…Having problems finding exactly what you are looking for? Go to our sitemap. To find out how to get to our Marina, get directions here . Read our privacy policy.

From The Chesapeake Grand Banks Owners Association

Hello CBGBOA Boating Friends!
thecrossYou may have missed this year’s Rendezvous, but it’s never too late to join. Seeking all present and past Grand Banks owners to join in the fun, education and cruising that the club is so sharing with. Visit the CBGBOA website for more information and maybe read the current newsletter.

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